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Fleetwood: This is a bit unique

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This is a bit unique. I own a campground. Someone has abandoned a 40 foot Fleetwood Motor Home. It is in relatively good shape by eyesite but it has been parked in the campsite for at least 8 years and never started. Do you think the engine is still good? I realize the battery to start the engine must be dead but do u think the engine itself is any good?


Providing the engine was running ok when it was parked and it has been kept dry and didnt freeze in the winter time then yes, the engine is likely just fine but I would want to check and change all the fluids including the gas before attempting to start it.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How would you suggest I get the gas out? can I buy a siphon pump made for this purpose. Thanks for your previous answer by the way. Yes, it has been kept dry but I am not sure if the antifreeze lasted for 8 years. It was not under any kind of shelter but it has a solid hood latched tight.

Well the best way is to use a siphon pump and get as much as possible , you may also want to consider removing the tank and cleaning it due to how long it sat. As for the engine, I would take a socket and a break bar and try turning it over by hand to see if it turn. If it does its likely fine. Have a look in the radiator and see if it has coolant. If it dose, it didnt likely freeze.
Ron and 3 other Car Specialists are ready to help you