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Dale Stockstill
Dale Stockstill, Automotive Diagnostic Technician
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1985 mustang: runs great..relay..module..batteries die or until I pull

Resolved Question:

I have a 1985 mustang that runs great but when I turn the car off a mintue or two later I can hear a sound like a relay or some kind of module turn on for a second. This continues every few minutes, until batteries die or until I pull off the terminal. Has anyone expericed this problem? I would appricate your feed back.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 6 years ago.



My name is Dale.


You need to check for codes with a scanner through the ALDL Port. If there are not codes then you will need to hook a (In Series Tester) in the main feed from the battery. It usually goes straight to the Alternator and is a fairly large wire. You will need a tester like this: graphicWhich you can pick up at any auto parts supply or Harbor Freight.


You will be able to trace the electrical draw or drain on the system via the magnetic meter that comes with the tester. The tester sends a impulse through the electrical circuits so you can isolate where and which components is coming on.


I suspect that the coolant sensor, relay or switch that cycles your cooling fans may be the problem. But in any case, you will have to isolate the circuit, either by pulling 1 fuse at a time and testing to see if the problem duplicates itself or use the tester if there are no codes in the computer system.


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