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Boxster S: porsche..the engine check light..O2

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Do you deal with Autos? I have a porsche (2000) boxster S and I would like to know how to turn off the engine check light. I took it to the dealer and they installed new O2 sensers but left the oil cap loose so by the time I got home the light was on again. The dealer is 100 mi. away and after tighting the oil cap I want to turn the engine light off to see if that fixed it. I live far away from town and would like to do this myself. I have a Car-MD monitor 2000 but I don't have the ability to do this. I've heard you can disconnect the + terminal and let the computer to reset but I don't want to mess it up.

I see that you are far away from town but I am wondering if there is an auto parts store near you. Most parts stores can check and clear codes for you. They may not be able to determine what the code means but that does not matter if all you need to do is clear the code. Disconnecting the battery overnight will also clear the code but will also clear your radio security so you will have to re-enter your radio code if you do it this way.

The small code readers are about $35 at most stores that sell them, that may be another option for you depending on what you have available.

Other than those 2 methods, there is not any other way to clear the codes.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thank you, John
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