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Salvage..diesel..end up painting a work truck, tractor, or other piece

Resolved Question:

i need an autobody technician to tell me if i can salvage my painting dilema. I am a diesel mechanic and on occasion i end up painting a work truck, tractor, or other piece of machinery and i usually do reasonably well in that capacity. i painted a tractor about a week ago and two things happened. first, i got some minor sags on the side of the hood. second, i had some reducer in the gun at the end of the job and since it was the first rinse-out of the gun and had more paint in it than a subsequent rinse would have, i decided to spray it out on the fender which had a touch of dry spray since i was using a fast reducer in a to-warm shop. my hope was that it would flow the paint out some-what for a smoother finish. instead, it krinkled. i sprayed a plain old alkyd enamel but i did use an inexpensive hardener with it because i have found it helps a lot with shine and colorfastness since it seems that reds and blues fade rapidly. i sanded an inconspicuous spot today and it went well- no gumming or plugging of sandpaper,etc. my question is this- if i sand and then clearcoat,will i get a good shine since the color itself is rich and full, or will i be staring at a dull, scratched surface with an invisible coating over it? i am trying to avoid a total rework since the majority of the job came out smooth and shiny. help! thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  cartech replied 6 years ago.
well if its none metallic a solid color you can wet sand it with a fine paper and clear coat it with good results and a great shine the issue is if you just clear a spot then the edges of the clear will be dull and you need to make sure that you follow the correct time before recoating or the whole thing will wrinkle and be sure the first coat of clear is not real heavy and has enough flash time if it is to wet it will soften the paint and may wrinkle be careful and good luck
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