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Rear wheels..speed one pin pointed the defect

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I have a range rover sport 2007 , some times when the car is set in motion there is a dragging sound comes off the rear wheels, the sound is more like when you switch on the downhill speed control yellow button. I have got it checked from the company workshop
and other technicians and no one pin pointed the defect. please advise what is this sound and what is the right action .

Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

I have seen that caused by a rear brake pad just picking up on the front edge as the wheel rotates.

Usually the fix it to remove the pads and chamfer the front edge a bit ( I usually chamfer all around the edge to a depth of about 5 mm)

Clean where the pad sits thoroughly and reassemble.

If there are any fretting marks on the pad backing buff them off with a wire wheel.


Mechanic Martyn

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dear Martin , I will appreciate if you can send me a drawing for the recomended fixing. also please clarify are these disk pads ,or parking brake pads that would be chamfered.
I will work on a drawing for you later. Chamfer everything.. regards XXXXX XXXXX

The part that needs chamfering is all around the edge of the friction lining. Do not chamfer the steel backing whatsoever.

I am working on a sketch that will upload for you.


Mechanic Martyn