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1963 corvair: cyl..distributor..a wire diagram for the distributer

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have a 1963 corvar six cyl . just got it and it had no distributor. my question is can i get a wire diagram for the distributer not sure about the wireing. also my carbs were off not a big deal exept the linkage that goes between them is missing. if i could get a picture or what ever so i can make somthing or atleast no what to look for. as you can see i dont have a manuel.havent been able to locate one. thank you!
hi there my name is don i will help you on this
here is your complete wiring diagram

1963 corvair wiring diagram

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hi there thanks for the accept
it was my pleasure to assist you have a great day
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I am on the plan for $15/month and I think you said in your response that you had been paid $18. Did I do something wrong in "Accepting". I am on limited funds. . .
hi there this is listed in the question as a amount for the question
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no you did fine

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So does that mean you answered my question for the monthly fee I am paying?

Thank you for your patience. I just want to be sure what I'm doing money wise.

hi there i do not know about a monthly fee thing

when the question is posted it gives a value for the question
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