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Range 90,000 mile service and need front and rear brake pads

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I have a 2007 range rover sport.. i am due for my 90,000 mile service and need front and rear brake pads.... as a guestimate... what would it run??
Also, My suspension light comes on from time to time.. I had my suspension redone at 50k and since then it's come on but more lately... I have a feeling its just a sensor. I'd also like to know how much I should expect that to run....
Are any of these things best done at the dealership or elsewhere? I'd like to have it done correctly with the resetting etc...
Thanks so much
For front and rear pads you are looking at $800 to $1000 for pads and resurfacing rotors. As far as the suspension issue it is most likely a sensor and should run about $200 to $300 including a diagnostic. You should probably just go to the dealer as they will have to do the diagnostic to determine which sensor is bad.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can you guestimate what the 90K would run?
I dont need rotors, just pads... so it would be around .....??
The price for the brakes included resurfacing the rotors not replacing them. Resurfacing is nessasary with the new pads and does not add much to the cost. The 90k service is $300 to $400 and you might get them to include your diagnostic if you do it all at once which would save you about $100.
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