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Land Rover Discovery Series II 99 discovery 2. Would not

Customer Question

99 discovery 2. Would not start. Gave it a bit of starting spray, turned on ran good to get home but died when left to idle. Could not start again. Purchased fuel pump and installed. Idled good for about 25 minutes once it was running, then stalled. Over a couple of days of occasionally trying to start it, purchased a OBDII scanner and hie erase as only code stored was one that has been there forever (P1590) and I believe is unrelated. Coincidently, it turned on immediately after that. Drove it around, park turned off. Will not start. Again no different codes other than the usual one. Erased again. Turned on again and drove. left to idle for 30 minutes, fine. Turned off. Tried to turn on 1 hour later to no luck. Today, turned on no problem, left to idle, turned off, will not start again. No codes other than the usual P1590. Considering Crank Sensor as globs of oil are over the cover and may have gotten in.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  ALLTECH replied 6 years ago.


Hello, Jason here to help. The crank sensor is a VERY common cause for intermittent no start conditions. The P1590 code though is a code that says the ABS module is having trouble communicating a "rough road" condition to the engine computer. The crank sensor is located on the drivers side. Usually the P1590 ends up being a wheel speed sensor. Either needs adjustment or a new sensor. A OBD2 scanner is pretty much useless in ABS systems. A Land Rover capable scanner is needed to diagnose that code properly. The crank sensor will rarely make a code pop up, it either works or it doesn't. A labscope would be needed to really prove that it is the issue. I would bet it is though. Check for spark, and injection pulse when it doesn't start. No spark or injection pulse= bad crank sensor most likely. Jason


I am aware of the P1590 and will probably replace the Shuttle Valves on the ABS and hope that also clears my three amigos lights on the dash. I just got some ramps and am proceeding to remove and cleanup the Crank sensor area. I am very comfortable with your reponse and will proceed if removing asll the ooi gunk does not do it. Thanks.

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Expert:  ALLTECH replied 6 years ago.
Please let me know how its going. I want to help however I can. Jason
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Replaced the Crank Sensor. Turn on and has been running without incidemt the past 2 days. Thanks, now to attack the shuttle valves as a Rover mech recommende replacing the Modulator. I won't spend that kind of money as the festure is not critical where I live but will replace the Shuttle valves just in case it does it. Will also check wiring within the unit where possible using instructions found online.