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Chris (aka-Moose)
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continental: 2004 bentley..GT...visual and audible false alarm

Customer Question

I have a 2004 Bentley Continental GT. I cannot get rid of a visual and audible false alarm regarding the seatback not locked. I have had it in the shop at least 4 times and the repairmen cannot stop it. The main unit for all warnings was replaced-$4,000--not it...Is there a sending device in the seat itself similar to the tire pressure sensors(another nuisance) that can be replaced..The mechanics at the Ft. Lauderdale shop are at wits end and I so am I. Any suggestios?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 6 years ago.

Eurocar Inc. : hello there
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :


Eurocar Inc. : Just to make sure that I'm correct it s
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :


Eurocar Inc. : Is sensing that the seat back is forward like someone is going in the back seat
Eurocar Inc. : Is that correct?
Eurocar Inc. : Was there any fault codes stored in any modules if so what were they. All codes
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

No--on the dash a red warning comes up and says seatback not locked--then a warning statrs beeping--loud and distracting--it happens intermittently and at random. I have been told by the entley mechanics that it cannot be disconnected because it is inter related with the airbags in some way. The seatbacks are alll locked --it is a false alarm that is very annoying. Fault codes store in any modules is meaningless to me

Eurocar Inc. : Well to me it is very critical any codes can be related like battery management codes , communication faults, etc
Eurocar Inc. : I wonde
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

Have you ever worked on a Bentley?

Eurocar Inc. : I wonder is this intermittent or is this constant? There are channels that the scan tool can read and if its acting up all the time the tech should be able see this
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

It is random

Eurocar Inc. : A wiring diagram is needed
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

I agree

Eurocar Inc. : Did the tech get it to act up while inthe shop?
Eurocar Inc. : Do u have a vin # for me to see
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

Yes--on all occasions--we assumed it was fixed because almost everything has been replaced--but alas it has surfaced again

JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

I am suspicious that it is the sending unit in the seat itself--similar to the tire pressure sending units that drive people nuts

JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

I can go to the car for the vin#--why do you need it?

Eurocar Inc. : Ok I will need a vin # of your vehicle and then I need sometime to investigate this for you if that is ok
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

I will go get it

Eurocar Inc. : That is how I can get your wiring diagram car specific !!!
Eurocar Inc. : Just post it and I will investigate and will get somewhat a direction for you to tackle
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :


JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :


Eurocar Inc. : Sure hopefully I will get back with in 12 hrs
Eurocar Inc. : Thanks for being patient
JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

Any luck?

Eurocar Inc. :

still looking !!! getting somewhere but it is an elaborate circuit and need trace explore all possibilities

JACUSTOMER-qi6m5asl- :

Good and thanks

Eurocar Inc. :

update for you still missing some info waiting for file transfer once i have everything then we can continue Thanks for being patient

Eurocar Inc. :

i have a question did the techs determine a side that is more prone to act up?

Eurocar Inc. :

really need to know !! and do you have a pic of the light and message of this and can you post to make sure of the same thing i'm looking at?

Eurocar Inc. :


Eurocar Inc. :

when you had the parts replaced can you give the part #'s on the invoice ?

Eurocar Inc. :


Eurocar Inc. :

hey i do have some info for you to start and did u get that other info ?