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Continental: bentley..everything else I needed to know somewhere else

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Google told me to ask a bentley mechanic my question and it has been 2 or 3 weeks on my question,what are the other parts I need to connect to a bentley continental engine to complete it? I found out everything else I needed to know somewhere else. I paid for this will I get it thanks Wilbert Banks Jr.

another expert tried to explain it to you without success. this simply is not the forum for this type of question.

First, to walk someone thru building a complete car from scratch would take several months. We just dont have that type of time to devote to one question.

Second, for us to simply upload all the directions from a bentley service manual to you for this purpose is not cost effective. We have to pay over $1000 for the use of their service manual for one time use. No one here is going to pay that type of money for a service manual to upload to you for $27. We are not here to lose over $900 to supply you with that type of information.

third, it is in violation of copyright laws for us to upload their service manual to you.

I am sorry, but as I said, this is not the type of forum for this type of question. We help people with typical car repairs, not building a complete car from scratch.

I dont expect you to pay for this answer, but I am letting you know why you cannot get someone to supply you with $1000 worth of information for the amount you are offering to pay. It is against copy right laws, and is not economically feasible for us.
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