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4 acura: rubber burning when I pull my car into my garage...up

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For the past few months I've smelled rubber burning when I pull my car into my garage...up near the engine. I've had 4 Acuras and all four of them have had this smell at one time or another....but nothing ever seems wrong or turns out to be wrong. What might this be? Should I be concerned?
Normally your RL is a very good car and rarely do they fail. I would probably take it to a shop that offers a free inspection and just have them look for any problems on a vehicle lift. It's most likely not anything to worry about but at least you can get some piece of mind from an inspection. Hope that helps.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks but I know it's a good car...I've had 3 RLs and 2 TLs.

I may get it looked at but wanted to know what are ALL the possibilities might be when it comes to 1.) a "burning rubber smell"; 2.) when I've turned the car off; 3.) in my garage; 4.) the odor is strongest near the front, passenger side; and 5.) I sometimes smell it going up a hill.

Thank you.



It's really hard to tell you without looking at it but if I had to guess I would say check out the CV boots for rips or grease coming out of the car, check the tires for wear and if they are touching the inner fender liners or body anywhere and I'd check the belts. If the belts are worn and slipping you could get a burning rubber smell. Hope that helps.

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