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Bmw: leak..seal between the injector and the cylinder head

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i have a bmw engined opel omega that appears to have a leak around the seating of the nuber one fuel injecter is ther some sort of seal between the injector and the cylinder head
Welcome to Just Answer , There is no seal at the bottom of these injectors it just seals on a tapered seat , the injector itself may be leaking from its body but more likely it will be leaking from the leak off pipes.

If the oil is coming from the EGR/inlet then this can be quite normal as even the new ones used to show signs of leakage even after all of this was replaced.

I hope this helps , best regards XXXXX XXXXX
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
what exactly is the leak off pipe
The leak off pipe is a small bore flexi pipe that connects each injector.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

if some leakage is normal even on new engines then I would assume that the effect one the cars performance would be negliable. You can actually observe bubbling around the junction of the head and the injector, the symptoms the car is suffering from is severe kangarooing ( similiar to missing on a petrol engine ) especially when under load (pulling away or uphill) it runs normaaly on flat cruising conditions and it is perfectly normal when the outside air temperature is extremely cold. are you saying the leaky injector would not cause thes symptoms if not what would. Thankyou for your help.


Hi , sorry for the delay , I am saying a small amount of oil around the EGR and the plastic bridge that the boost pipe connects is normal .

A leak at the injector is not normal and should be addressed , if this injector is leaking fuel then you will have misfire symptoms.

A specialist Bosch diesel centre will be able to test and overhaul the injector for you .

I hope this is clearer , regards XXXXX XXXXX
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