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PhilJ, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Master ASE certified, dealer employed for 10 years, shop foreman
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I have a 91 eagle talon started..hood..cylinders..spark plugs

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Hi, I have a 91 eagle talon awd tsi 5 speed and im having a problem getting my car started. One morning i went out to start my car to let it warm up like usually do and then after a few minutes it idiled real high and then shut off and i could not get it to start again and so i popped the hood and i saw gas had poured out of the cylinders and through the exhaust manifold and then i pulled out the spark plugs and the was gas on those and in the pistons. I have tested a lot of things and still cant figure out what is wrong with it so if you guys could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

PhilJ : You say gas is coming out of the manifold? When you pulled the plugs they were covered in gas I'm thinking you plug is not firing. Did you check for spark? Make sure there is no fuel leaks before you check for spark so you don't explode!

yes i got a spark tester and each plug wire had spark


i also tested all the injectors and one tested bad so i replaced it with a good one but still no start

PhilJ : Do you have a fuel pressure guage on the car? Make sure pressure is not way up there. And before the car died u say it went up in idle did it start racing up and down then dies? You may have a bad throttle position sensor.
PhilJ : if you have spark and good fuel pressure you may want to check the compression these engines headgaskets go bad quite often.

well i bought a adjustable fuel pressure regulator but could figure why it wasnt reading any pressure and my tps sensor reads 4.4 volts is that bad?

PhilJ : that's good for tps. Is the regulator installed on the car now?

i tried doing a compression test but the way the book explained didnt work so well because it told me to take every spark plug out and gas just went everywhere are you only suppode to take one spark plug out?


Yes the adjustable one is on the car now

PhilJ : no all plugs out and remove the fuse or unplug the fuel pump

ow well it didnt say anything like that but that makes sense wow i cant believe i didnt think of that and what else do you think it could be if that comes out good?

PhilJ : Take the regulator out and put back to stock or disconnect the fuel line and crank it see if fuel shoots out pretty good. Just to check for pressure.

okay i bought a new one just in case but i would think the pressure would be good if its dumping into the motor or does it do that even if its bad?

PhilJ : If it's dumping it should be good. Just remove all the plugs and disconnect fuel pump and make Shure compression is good.

and is gas suppose to go into the oil pan?


sry i ment if it acting like that does gas usually end up in the oil pan


okay and if the compression test comes out bad what does that mean?

PhilJ : Not unless the fuel is filling up inside the head. That fuel injector you replaced did you replace all of the injectors? You may have more than one bad injector and fuel is filling up and you cannot compress liquid fuel so you may have damaged the valves or rod so you gotta check that compression and get all new injectors I think

yeah i actually replaced all the injectors with ones that tested out good and put new seals and stuff on them and a rod or a valve that could be a possibility because it was burning through some oil like probably a quart a week is that pretty bad?

PhilJ : Quart a week is not uncommon for DSM it depends if it leaking externally or its burning internally internal blow by usually takes a quart every 1000 miles so u gotta always check your oil. How many miles does the engine have? Is it original? Ever been rebuilt?

it has about 107,000 and no it has not been rebuilt and it has a new blow off valve and i also installed a front mount intercooler


and its burning externally

PhilJ : So basically u put some bolt on go fast parts on a stock 6bolt? Ok well you may wanna look into getting a rebuild because it only a matter of time before that thing goes and it may have just done that.
PhilJ : Externally from where? Valve cover, return line, rear main seal, cam seals?

well i mean i kept the boost pressure always at 12 psi never higher and it ran better when i put that front mount on and the aftermarket blow off valve was already put on there when i bought the car i just replaced it with a new one and there was also a safc II in the car when i bought it


sry i ment internally out the exhaust

PhilJ : Ok internally is pretty much normal for that engine as long as raw Oil isn't coming out of the tail pipe. So you bought the car with the parts on it that means the person before you beat it to hell I bet.

yeah that was my guess too but wasnt using oil that bad yet but i bet it was only time before it would and im guessing i got it right at that time and no raw oil is coming out so you think the motor it sill good and should try the compression test ? and i mean the only aftermarket thing i did was the front mount and kept the boost pressure at stock

PhilJ : definatly do a compression test if your lucky it may have just washed down passed the rings but if it tried to compress raw fuel then a motor you will need.

okay thanks for the advice

PhilJ : Any other issues just let me know I'm here for ya dude. Where are u located if you in new jersey I may be able to help lol

alright and im shure ill have more questions and no im actually in cold ass northern Indiana lol

PhilJ : Ok man stay cool.
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