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1995 buick park avenue ultra: I accelerate..engine starts..highway

Customer Question

I have a 1995 buick park avenue ultra with super charger. Just recently when I accelerate in the area of 45 to 55 miles per hour - particularly when going up a slight grade, the engine starts to buck as if it was not getting enough gas. This also happens when I am going 60 to 65 on a highway and starting on an upgrade. I can coax the engine through this bucking by playing with the accelerator gently. I have had the ignition, spark plugs, wires, air filter and fuel line hose checked - but no luck. What is the problem?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  normanahoyt replied 6 years ago.

normanahoyt :

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normanahoyt :

Does your check engine light come on?

JACUSTOMER-0mzsa72a- :


normanahoyt :

Ok, so we may or may not have codes in the computer. The most likely problem is an ignition misfire but without codes we have to move on to the slightly harder way. Try putting it in gear and with one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator run it up to 2000 rpm or so...whatever you can do without it pulling away from you. See if this way you can reproduce the symptoms. If you can then what you need to do is get a clear plastic hose with a 1/4" inside diameter and cut it into 6 sections approximately 1" long. Take each plug wire off at the coil end and put the clear plastic over the coil end and inside of the spark plug boot. With that set up if you can make it miss you will see which spark goes away. Let me know if you can do this and wht your results are?