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I have a 1998 Land Rover..cooling system..blowers

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I have a 1998 Land Rover HSE. The heating and cooling system is not working properly. With the heat it appears to get warm but the blowers are not working. The same in the summer, gets cool but no blower. Is there an easy check or shoud I take it to the dealer?
Hello,I am Randall
it sounds like a bad blower motor. The blower is controlled by a speed resistor and when in high speed mode, bypasses the resistor and so if no blower at all, I can only lean to bad blower motor. it is locted in the HVAC case behind the glove box. Not too bad to get to. If you can get to blower and take say a small ahmmer and begin tapping on the blower right around where the plug is, and the blower on high and key on.. it may free itself up and start working again. If not, suspect bad blower. unsure of your comfort level but below are directions to get to and/or replace blower

Blower Motor Replacement

Service repair no - 80.20.15


  1. Remove glove box assembly.
  2. Release 2 clips securing fascia harness trunking to fascia frame.

  1. Remove centre screws from 4 scrivet fasteners securing drivers side lower closing panel.

  1. Release panel for access to harness clip. Collect outer parts of fasteners from closing panel.
  2. Remove upper fascia closing panel.
  3. Release clip securing harness trunking to fascia frame.

  1. Remove 2 bolts securing cruise control ECU bracket to fascia frame. Place bracket aside.
  2. Release SRS harness connector from bracket. Position harness aside.
  3. Disconnect Lucar connector and multiplug from blower motor.

  1. Remove 4 screws securing blower motor to casing.
  2. Remove motor and fan assembly. Do not stress fascia harness.


  1. Reverse removal procedure.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your answer. It sound reasonably easy so I will try it this evening and let you know.
Pls do. I am usually back online ech day around 4Pm eastern time. LMk how you make out. thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks will do!!