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Suzuki: the Malfunction Indicator Light come on steady..faulty

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We have a Suzuki "Ignis" built Nov 2001. During the last week we had the "Malfunction Indicator Light" come on steady. We took the car today to our Suzuki dealer and thet hooked it up to their diagnostic computer then pronounced that the "emission control sensor" was faulty and had to be replaced. Driving back home from the dealers after 30 min of the car running fine it suddenly lost engine power. That is it would not respond - except in a jerky fashion - to the accelerator pedal. After parking the car by coasting, we waited for 15 minutes and restarted it and the car went OK. After running OK for another 15 minutes it lost engine power again. We managed to coast to a parking spot again, wait another 15 minutes then were able to restart it and drive home. Any clues on what might be the problem?

Hi Im Scott

My 1st thought with your problem is that you may have a blocked or partially blocked Catalytic Converter, it is a component in the exhaust which helps to burn any unburnt emissions put out by the engine, it is a common problem in vehicles usually just after or at the time of Emission Control Sensors (also known as Oxygen Sensors) fail.

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