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Mini Cooper S Can too much oil by approximately 2 quarts put

Resolved Question:

Can too much oil by approximately 2 quarts put into my 5 quart capacity 2005 MINI Cooper "S" and then driven ten hours probably cause my clutch to burn out? And if the dealer pinched the oil filter "O" ring when changing and I drove it home at highway speeds for 10 miles with low oil pressure. I first noticed a red dash light and saw my oil gauge was bouncing from 20 to maybe 30! I immediately exited hwy and at the right cork screw exit oil pressure went to zero! On the local streets I had 20 pounds of pressure. The next day, when it was light I had a dry dip stick, Completely dry all the way down! I HAVE A TWO PART QUESTION: A) WHAT TESTS DO I NEED TO DO TO SEE IF I DAMAGED MY ENGINE WITH LOW OIL PRESSURE?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 6 years ago.

Eurocar Inc. :

the first thing is to contact the dealer that did the oil change and let them know what is the situation !!!

Eurocar Inc. :

chances on the clutch very very slim!! but anything can happen but i do not believe so!!

Eurocar Inc. :


Customer :

I would like to go on twitter to let as many people know as possible that my dealer is doing as bad job. I will now be going back to them again. I have gotten not even one sorry reply or maybe a couplon for a free oil chg next time. Only birthday cards, new car offers, etc. They have forgotten me completely. I want all this to come to light. I have alread emailed them weeks ago that I have lost all confidence in them and will be contacting their corporate headquarters. I have asked for a contact name, but have gotten no reply in 18 days!

Eurocar Inc. :

i would call the general manager and discuss the situation and do not hang up till something will happen in your favor to start and please do not back down !!

Eurocar Inc. :

if they have made a mistake they need to correct it!

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