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My 2008 Range Rover Sport has been making noises..inner wheels

Resolved Question:

My 2008 Range Rover Sport has been making noises as I go over bumps, turn into my driveway etc... My friend looked under the car & noticed the inner wheels are being scraped along the edges. Any ideas?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  FixItMan replied 6 years ago.


Hello Teresa, are these the stock wheels? What part of the wheels are showing signs of rubbing?

Customer : Yes, they're stock... The inside part of the wheel on the outer edge before it meets the tire. I complained about the noise I heard as I was turning about 6+ mos. Ago to my service advisor. Of course it wasn't where it could be heard all the time then & of course it didn't happen when i took it in. The noise has gradually gotten worse and now it's loud. I hear it if I go over bumps and really when I turn etc. It sounds like shocks or something needs MAJOR grease and I guess a scraping noise. I can hear it with my stereo on and everyone in the car hears it now. It sounds like I'm driving a$70,000 rickety old truck.
Customer : They are stock. The inner side of the wheel on the outer edge before the tire... I complained about it around 6+ mos ago and of course it wasn't anywhere as bad as it is now AND of course it didn't make the noise when my service advisor drove with me... It makes the noise over little bumps now and really when I go up a slight incline or greater... It's like it sounds like really old springs that need MAJOR grease. Don't know how else to explain it. A guy heard it and said something about struts or something, who knows but I don't want to get hosed when I take it in to the shop Tom. Am. It sounds like I'm driving a $70,000 OLD truck.
Customer : They are stock. It's on the inner part of the wheels on the outer edge before the tire. I mentioned it to my service advisor over 6 mos ago and of course at that time it didn't make the noise. We ll it's bad now. I really notice it when I go over bumps, even small ones and really hear it when I go up on even a slight incline. when I pull up into my driveway which I turn left off my St to do so, and my driveway isn't a major dip and up off the St. The best way to describe the noises is it sounds like an old worn out shock that needs serious grease or something and I guess maybe a scrapping sound. Its loud enough I bet people think man that's an old car! I hear it with the stereo on at this point...

Ok. If the tire/wheel is actually rubbing on something then it is more than likely a bad suspension part like a ball joint or a bad hub bearing. These will allow the tire to shift and rub like this.

Customer :

Lol! I just saw the 3 reply's from me. Every time I would type up my reply, I would hit enter instead of reply and it didn't show up, so I had to retype it 3 times. The service guys looked at it today and said it's from the guys who replaced my tires not balancing them correctly. Could that really be the case?


It is possible if they put the wrong wheel weights on and they were rubbing on the suspension.

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