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Vauxhall meriva hello, I have a vauxhall meriva life semi-auto

Resolved Question:

I have a vauxhall meriva life semi-auto which i brought in fed 2010 and 2weeks ago the EPS light came on and i couldnt turn the steering wheel, i got the car to a local garge and they done the diagaostic test and a code was shown (550008) but they do not know what that code stands for, anyway i have been on the vauxhall site and have learn that im not alone with this problem as its seems that vauxhall meriva have this problem far to much so i wanted some help please if u know what the code stands for? and what to do next? thank you Donna.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Neal replied 6 years ago.

What kind of diagnostic tool did you use? You might want to have someone else do a diagnostic with a different tool.

Proper fault code definitions are:

-0 Steering Position Sensor Failure
-8 Steering Position Sensor Failure

-1 Invalid Torque Sensor Signal

For the Meriva, EPS (Electronic Power Steering), you must calibrate the torque sensor, not all of the aftermarket diagnostic tools can perform this.

The EPS is differs from the Corsa-C, altough is uses the same ECU address. And in the Corsa-C, the first trouble code is defined as,

-0 Main Torque Sensor Voltage Out Of Range
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

im not sure what type of diagnostic machine he used he just pluged it in, so do u have any idea what it could be just from that the light EPS came on and the steering wheel was so hard to turn? Vauxhall said that it could b a number of problems and could cost up to £800, so what could it be? and could it be a vauxhall fault? and if u think its this that do u have some prices so i know what im looking at? thanks

Expert:  Neal replied 6 years ago.
I wish I could help more but like Vauxhall said it could be a number of things and I do not want to give you guesses as this is clearly a serious problem that may make your vehicle unsafe to drive. I wish I could help more but it will take a proper diagnostic.

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