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Mini Cooper..towed home..the oil pan they found metal pieces

Resolved Question:

I was driving my 2003 Mini Cooper across country when I heard a click noise and the car immediately started to decelerate. I hd it towed home and is now in a transmission shop. When they dropped the oil pan they found metal pieces. The shop wants to charge me $895 to pull the transmission before they can tell me what the repairs will be. The $895 will go towards the cost of the repairs. I found out that a brand new transmission on this car would cost $7,000. The blue book value is only $6,000. The mechanic said he can rebuild the transmission and I am just not sure I should put a lot of money in this car. Of course, as is, it is worth nothing. I just don't know what to do and wonder truthfully how much I could end up spending on this car. Any advise would be appreciated. Claire Jarreau
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  FixItMan replied 6 years ago.


Hello JACUSTOMER, it is common for the transmission to fail on this vehicle. There was a previous recall on this transmission to flush out the fluid as the fluid was not adequate for this vehicle. More than likely this transmission has failed and will need a complete rebuild. You need to ask the shop what rebuilding it will cost. It should be about $4000. The price you had was for a new transmission.

JACUSTOMER-5w9d5kom- :

should I just donate the car or maybe sell to a junk dealer? Do I really want to spend $4000 on a car that is worth only 6000


First check to see what the shop will charge to rebuild it. See what they say is worst case scenario. Even at this price it is still cheaper to fix then to purchase another vehicle. That is assuming that everything else is in good shape and well taken care of.

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