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Amedee, Former ASE Master Tech
Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE certified tech advanced level specialist. Wisconsin certified emissions state inspector
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Isuzu Rodeo My isuzu rodeo will not start i have checked most

Customer Question

My isuzu rodeo will not start i have checked most of the sensors assoisiated with starting, where should i go to next to fix the problem?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.

We will have to pinpoint what the engine is missing.




All three of these are tested when the engine is being cranked over. There are two way of checking for fuel. Fuel pressure and fuel trigger. Both are very important and must be present for the car to start. Fuel pressure is self explanatory. You just hook up the gage and see what the reading is. Fuel trigger is check with a noid light. The injector gets unplugged and the noid light gets plugged in to the injector clip. With the engine cranking over, this light must blink. This is the signal to the injectors from the computer. You can have all the fuel pressure in the world, but it wont matter if the injector is not pulsing gas into the cylinder like it should! Compression tester, spark tester, fuel pressure gage and noid light are all accessible at your local auto store. All three tests play a very important part in diagnosing a no start condition. Be extremely careful when doing these tests.

A simpler test would be to see if it runs on starting fluid. If it does, then you know you have spark and compression and you simply have a fuel delivery problem
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I can smell the fuel when i try to start it and i can hear it turning over. i think there is a problem with spark how do i check that.
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
Disconnect #1 ignition wire at the spark plug.
Install a spark tester into the end of the spark plug boot.
Have an assistant crank the engine over and check for spark at the tester.
Repeat this process at each spark plug.
If any cylinder does not show spark, proceed to secondary component tests.
If ALL secondary components show no spark, test components individually.
If all cylinders test O.K., inspect for fouled spark plugs and clean or replace as necessary.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If i have had recent spark plug replacement do you think that would be the problem. when it failed to start the first time i had put the rodeo in first instead of useing the park break. when i went to get something out of the back of the rodeo it slipped out of gear and then would not start, any idea's?
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
IF the engine is cranking over and not starting, it should not have anything to do with it slipping out of gear.

I do not think that the replacement of the spark plugs is causing your issue.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so what do you suggest in me checking or doing next
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
Checking for spark.

It is has spark, then see if it will run on starting fluid.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i do not have a carberator it is fuel injected i dont think that will work can you tell me where to check for where the instructions come from for the spark plugs to fire
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
I know this is fuel injected. You can spray starting fluid right into the air cleaner assembly and have some crnak the engine over to see if she fires right up.

Just pull off the spark plug wire or coil or which ever it is on number one cylinder, install a spark tester and have someone crank the engine over and watch for spark.