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NicksSticks, ASE Certified Technician
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Experience:  Ford Drivetrain and Chassis Master, ASE Master Technician
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I have had my gearbox recoed 4 years ago..first gear

Resolved Question:

I have had my gearbox reco'ed 4 years ago. I know the issues with Baleno boxes. I now have an issue where first gear has developed a positive gear noise, you can hear the teeth interlocking, almost like a clunky whiring noise. Hard to explain the noise. Second gear is the same but not as bad. Rest of the gears are fine. I have just changed the gear oil and that has not made any difference. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
'97 Baleno GS 1.6 manual 5 sp.
Rockingham WA.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  NicksSticks replied 6 years ago.

NicksSticks :

Sounds alot like a hard spot on the counter shaft. If noise dissapates if the clutch is disengaged (pressing on the clutch pedal). Noise that is at fault for this will sound like a clicking. Drive the suzuki in first, then slow down to a stop with the clutch pedal down, to see if the noise matches engine speed. After this, repeat the process and put trans in neutral to see if the noise slows down with engine speed as well. If it does, and no grinding, or other wierd noises are present, should mellow out after driving. If not, transmission removal and inspection of gear surfaces will help in deciding wether a gear itself, or the countershaft is at fault. I am not familiar with the Baleno GS 5 speed, but with the symptom provided, all information and advice given is simly based on your symptoms.


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX sounds quite acurate. The noise does dissipate when the clutch is disengaged. When I slow down in first with the clutch pedal down, the noise does not match the engine speed, however when the trans is in neutral, the noise matches the engine speed. I notice it at rest too, when not in gear and clutch is engaged the noise can be heard. Depress the clutch pedal seems to reduce the noise. I just noticed today that the noise is present in third gear as well, but only very faint. I noticed that reverse produces the same amount of gear noise as second gear. First gear is noticably louder and more prevalent.

NicksSticks :

Hi, iif the noise happens in nuetral, the counter shaft is still spinning, and if happens in all gears, further proves the countershaft has a hard spot on one of the gears. I believe transmission removal and disasembly is required to pinpoint exactly where the spot is.

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