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2003 cavalier z24: The light on the center consul has burned out and I

Resolved Question:

I have an 2003 Cavelier z22. The light on the center consol has burned out and I cannot get at the light. All things I have tried have not worked. I have a book on the car but it doesn't show the same model.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  hauto replied 6 years ago.

see below for instructions

  1. Using a small flat-bladed tool, remove the front bolt cover.




  1. Using a small flat-bladed tool, remove the center storage pocket, if equipped.




  1. Remove the power window switch plate, if equipped.
  2. Raise the armrest (1) from the front floor console.
  3. Remove the bolts (6) from the front floor console.




  1. Remove the front floor console by lifting up and back. Guide the shift boot over the optional shift knob and over the park brake handle.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The diagrams you have showed me are exactly the same as I have done.What I need to know now is how to get the handle off of the emerg brake so the boot will slide over it.
Expert:  hauto replied 6 years ago.

the handle doesn't come off, fold the boot up and then slowly walk it off the handle use a small flat head screw driver to pry one side at a time.

do you want to remove the e brake lever itself.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Let me know how to do that just in case I need to remove it.

Expert:  hauto replied 6 years ago.

see below.

  1. Remove the floor console.
  2. Release the tension from the park brake cable system.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector (1) from the park brake warning lamp switch.
  4. Remove the front park brake cable end (3) from the lever reel assembly.
  5. release the cable conduit end fitting (4) from the lever assembly (2)


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