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voyager: odometer does not wont start wont crank..pcm

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1998 plymouth voyager if the odometer does not read when the key is turned on the car won't start won't crank what could be the problem? starter problem is that the pcm is not suppying a ground.




Be sure Battery is fully charged
Cables are clean & tight

Test PIN 85 for Ground - with key in Crank position to see if the PCM is sending a signal


You can temporarily Ground the Starter Relay PIN 85 to see if it cranks


If so, then the PCM is not supplying a signal








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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
already verified starter system works.pcm isnot suppling ground.battery is fully charged.


Thank you for the added info...............


Then you have a bad ECM / PCM & it needs to be replaced


Use of DRB Scan Tool will be needed


here are procedures









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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
3 mouths ago pcm was changed for same problem. it worked if pcm fixes problem again what would be taking them out.


Many things can cause PCM failure
Voltage (Alternator, Battery, Voltage Regulator, Spikes)
Battery cables & connections
Bad or low dollar ECM / PCM purchased


You didn't mention if Check engine light came on prior or if any Trouble Codes were retrieved.
If there were, then that should give you some help on the cause

If not, then I would try a different Parts Store ECM / PCM reman





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