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volvo: 2.8l..exhaust manifold..drivers side is glowing..fuel injectors

Resolved Question:

i have a 1981 deloreon that uses a 2.8l volvo engine and the exhaust manifold on the drivers side is glowing red on idle--ive replaced all the fuel injectors-ive done a valve adjustment and still have the problem its driving me insane
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Neal replied 6 years ago.

Neal : You need to look at replacing any sensors that could cause a lean condition. Such as bad o2 sensors.

my mechanic seems to think it is a timing issue is that possible--

Neal : That is definitely a possibility but it would affect both sides of the engine. Have you tried a non contact thermometer to compare temps?

yes the drivers side was twice has hot as the passenger side of the engine ---

Neal : Have tried changing the o2 sensors?
Neal : The o2 sensors read each bank separately.

this is csi injection system


which delivers fuel equally to both sides of the engine--so the 02 sensors wouldnt matter

Neal : Is that a dual cam motor?



its a deloreon with a volvo 2.8l engine

Neal : Maybe one cam is out of time. Jumped a tooth or a bad tensioner?

sorry but since im not a mechanic what is a bad tensioner


and how does it jump a tooth --theres only 22,000 miles on the car

Neal : It what maintains tension on the timing chain or belt. If it's bad and loose it could cause it to be out of time.

So the glowing red exhaust manifold on just one side in you opinion wouldnt be coming from exhaust leaks-clogged catyltic converter and all the other wierd shit i read

Neal : I don't think your car has catalytic converters but if it does and it has two of them it is possible. It is not from exhaust leaks.

but it seems like the exhaust comes out equally on both sides

Neal : If there are two converters it is possible. You will have to check and determine the design of the exhaust.

wow so hit me up with all your experts opinions on everything you think it could be and ill hit the accept button i feel like i already answered my own questions on timing--if it is a timing issue and its off a tooth how much time should i expect it to take

Neal : Rule out the converter and then have mechanic check the timing chain or belt. I do not know how long that will take in a delorean.

can it be driven in the capacity its in right now

Neal : I would not. If it is that hot at an idle it could cause serious damage drink like that.
Neal : I meant driving like that

is the earth flat


is obahma really the president

Neal : No and yes
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