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An aston martin lagonda 1988 5.3l v8 fuel sensor

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I have been working on an aston martin lagonda 1988 5.3l v8 fuel injection with magnet marelli ignition system, my question is I am led to believe that the map sensor is at fault, I am getting 2.6v from the map sensors signal line at idle, I think I should be getting under a volt.
But my question is will a 1bar map sensor replacement do or will I need 2bar or more for this engine, a normally asperated v8.
Thanks. Jeff.
Hello Jeff and welcome to JA!!!

I'm Billy and i will help you with this.

A 1 bar MAP sensor should work, however, since it is a magneti marelli ignition, it might be similar to the injection system, either way, you check the system make, and get the exact MAP sensor, which should not be hard, given the make and the part number.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Billy, thanks for the reply. Yes you are right I should get the part number confirm the correct part. But I am not near the vehicle for a few days and just need to know for sure whether the system can run a 1 bar map sensor, what would be the results if I ordered a 2 bar, can if upset the running that much? I see a general rule with the sensors, if there's a turbo present or tuning been done the higher the map pressure. Any more help would be appreciated.
Hello Jeff,

The MAP sensor, is Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor.
It measures this pressure exactly.
On a normal aspiration engine, you have depression in the intake manifold between 0.1 bars to 0.9 bars. This sensor should measure this, and give an electrical signal accordingly.
Another sensor, would give false readings, or just not so precise readings, so the electrical signal received by the ECU (engine control unit) would not be so precise, thus causing problems.
That is why, you should have the 1 bar sensor, and more a reason to get the exact part (by part number hunting).

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