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metro: Liter..cyl..pull the pan, pull out the old rod bearings..torque

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1994 Geo Metro 1.0 Liter 3 cyl. Rod bearing knocking, but engine is running strong (but who knows for how long). What are the chances for success if I just pull the pan, pull out the old rod bearings, pop in new ones, and re-torque the caps (assuming the journal on the bearing that's knocking isn't scarred)? Is it likely the knocking rod or end cap is distorted? I really don't have the money now for a real tear-down.
the problem being where they will not work is for the bearing to have worn down to wear its knocking either the crank surface where the bearing rides is scored down bad and or the rod cap and rod will be discolored.once discolored even if you popped in a new bearing it would last no more than 25 to 50 miles then the same sorry there is no was around this or no temporary repair you can do
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