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CD player on in my vauxhall zafira 2.0 dti (52 reg) it is coming

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Hi. Since yesterday, all of a sudden now whenever I turn the CD player on in my vauxhall Zafira 2.0 dti (52 reg) it is coming up as SAFE and not working. What do I do?
Hello and welcome to JA!!!

I'm Billy and i will help you with this.

For the radio to write safe, it means power has been disconnected (e.g. you removed battery cable, or changed battery) sometimes it does it for no apparent reason (rarely though).
Now in that case you need to input the radio code, this code should be somewhere with your owners' manual or on a sticker in boot or glove box.
It is a four digit code, if you do not have it, you can ask a Vauxhall dealer for it, they will ask you for the VIN number and give you the code accordingly.

Now once you have the four digit code, you need to input it as following:
- Press and hold the AS button then turn ignition on (still holding)
- SAFE will display followed by 1---, now you do not press AS
- press the preset 1 button repeatedly to get to the first digit of code
- press the preset 2 button repeatedly to get to the second digit of code
- same for third digit
- same for fourth digit
- now to save code press AS key again to accept, and your radio is operational.

EX: if your code is 4335
press and hold AS key and turn ignition on, then press no more on AS key
press preset 1 key repeatedly till you get 4 on display
press preset 2 key repeatedly till you get 3 on display
press preset 3 key repeatedly till you get 3 on display
press preset 4 key repeatedly till you get 5 on display
Then press AS to save and accept code

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