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shifting..1st & 2nd car engine started running very rough

Resolved Question:

On two occasions, under the same conditions. While driving in stop and go traffic during rush hour, and shifting between 1st & 2nd gear for approximately 20 minutes, my car engine started running very rough and within 15 seconds quit. I coasted off the side of the road and tried to restart and it would not. I waited for about 2 minutes and tried again but no luck. I then waited about 10 minutes and the vehicle started and I was able to drive off. I made it through the rest of the traffic but luckily I was through most of the jam, so it wasn't the constant shifting between 1st and 2nd like before. The check engine light did come on. Temperature and oil gauge were fine, right in the middle. I took the vehicle to see if the computer indicated anything and was told that it just registered a 'misfire'. This is a 2001 Mazda Miata with 55,000 miles, manual 6 speed.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
misfire can mean several things, intake manifold gasket is faulty, bad plug or wire, egr valve is dirty or faulty, dirty air filter or damaged intake manifold hose, or even a dirty or bad idle air control valve, I would start by checking the plugs and wires, and clean the air intake up, do a throttle body cleaning change the air filter and pcv valve. I don't think anything major is going on here, there are just so many possibilities for this to happen, you have to go down the line, starting from the cheapest and easiest possibilities. any other questions let me know
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