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2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: the 12 volt - not the towed

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I own a 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Recently the battery failed (just the 12 volt - not the one that powers the Hybrid mode). I had the car towed to the Dealer. He called to tell me that the battery "smoked" when they put testing equipment on it. When I picked up the car with the new battery, dealer told me that the Tire Pressure Monitoring system was giving a false warning. Would cost $90 to diagnose. I declined. When I took the car home, found that in additon to the false Tire Pressure Monitoring system fault, that I was getting a bogus "Service Due Soon" warning message, and the drivers door lock actuator was no longer working (I have to unlock the driver's door with the key). Dealer quote to fix all these problems is $1,232.05. I want to know if these problems which were co-incident with the battery failure could have been caused by the way the dealer tested the battery. This car has been great up to this point - 132K miles with nary a problem until all at once these three. All electrical.
You need to take your vehicle to another dealership and ask them to flash your computer to correct issues caused by a failed 12 volt battery. The wording used by your present dealership (smoked the battery during testing) Indicates to me they are unprofessional and not to be trusted without a second opinion.
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