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Category: Car
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Experience:  Manager/co-owner at Autotronic
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2002 Dodge Ram 3500: Van..a clunk/jerking sound..right rear..60 mph

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I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Extended Van with 195K miles on it. For the past 5K + I have heard a clunk/jerking sound that seems to come from the right rear 1/4 panel area. It happens at 60 mph ot more and normally when some strain is put on the motor. (passing, changing lanes, going up a grade, etc.) Transmission guy says it's not the transmission and other mechanics have no clue. Some suggest it might be the "shift solenoid"? It still runs like a dream, we take excellent care of it, and I have no intention of parting with it. What is the problem?
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Billy :

Hi, I'm Billy and i will be assisting you with your problem.

Billy :

You have a problem with the exhaust mountings or the catalytic converter is broken inside the exhaust system

Billy :

most probably it's an exhaust mount or fixture that does this on these vehicles

Billy :

Keep me posted, to make sure that my answer is satisfactory, and kindly click the ACCEPT button so i get paid for my time


Thanks...I will! Paul

Billy :

do you need further explanation?

Billy :


Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 3498
Experience: Manager/co-owner at Autotronic
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