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Rendezvous: Buick..a defective solenoid that..controls..engine mount

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I took my Rendezvous (Buick) to the Service dept where I bought the car. The symptoms were "no power" after placing it in gear and a "bumping" when I put it in gear. Diagnosis was a defective solenoid that controls the fluid in the transmission and two broken parts to the engine mount. When I picked up the car the receipt demonstrated $655.80 for parts and $1605.09 for labor!! I asked what the charge was for labor (per hour). I was told the charge was $119.50 per hour was their charge. This sounds exorbitant to me. Please advise.
im assuming you went to the dealer?how many hours did they bill you for?a total of 1605.09 total for labor?or that was the total bill parts and labor?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The parts cost 655.80 and the labor alone was 1605.09. The number of hours was not listed, but I asked the person that signed in the car what the rate per hour was and he

told me $119.50 per hour. I took the car in at 10:00 AM one day and picked it up at 4:00 the next day. I have no indication of actual hours worked.

so they removed the transmission side cover and replaced the switches in the transmission?was this done at a dealer?im assuming the replaced the pressure control solenoid in the trans?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, That is exactly correct. It was the pressure control solonoid.
ok to replace the pressure control solenoid the labor is 4.0 hours.if they just replaced the solenoid it is 4.0 hours.worse case 5.0 including diagnosis.the labor rate of any where from $100 to $120 rage is the ball part range depends on where you live.but for them to charge you 1600 for labor that means you were charged 13 hours.NOW what engine mounts where changed?so far we are at say 5.0 for the trans repair for labor that leaves 8.0 hours left.was the complete transmission removed?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The mounts were listed as an engine mount and a transmission mount. No. the entire transmission was not removed. Apparently, the fluid was replaced and the transmission was "flushed", but not taken out.

ok well worse case 5 for the pressure switch and maybe 1.2 extra hours to do the trans flush.that is @6.5 hours.that leaves @6.5 to 7 hours left.i find it hard to believe that changing any engine mount for that would be that much labor hours.i would call them or stop by and ask them to clarify how many hours for each repair and make them show you it in the labor guide they sound pretty fishy to me judging off of what you have told me
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