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Category: Car
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Experience:  Manager/co-owner at Autotronic
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1997 Buick: dashboard..headlights do not starts..stalls

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Car type: 1997 Buick La Sabre V-6 231cid

a- turn the key and the car is completely dead
b- all lights work (head, tail, dashboard, etc.)
c- the headlights do not dim at all
d- jump the car at the starter, and the car starts and runs 3-5 seconds, and stalls. It will continue to crank but NOT START. About half hour later the car will start and run 3-5 seconds. Stall same process over again.
e- Put a test light between the plug and the wire there seems to have plenty of spark.
Chat Conversation Started
Billy :

you have a problem with the theft system (immobilizer)

Billy :

get the master key (which is probably the key you are using) and try the following:

Billy :

turn ignition on and off 3 times within 5 seconds then remove key and put key back in and try to start it

Billy :

if that doesn't work put key turn ignition on and wait for ten minutes then turn it back off and then on for another ten minutes then off and on for another ten minutes then start vehicle.

Customer :

Dear: Billy the Car still will not start, Iam going try a couple of more times is there any way to disconnect or bypass the immobilizer

Billy :

to by pass the immobilizer will probably cost more than fixing it.

Billy :

If you find the answer satisfactory, please make sure to hit the accept button so i get paid for my time. Thank you ,Billy

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