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Richard, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  12 years Ford Lincoln/Mercury Jaguar dealership as a technician and shop foreman reparing all makes
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Range rover sports when apply parking brake it make big scream

Customer Question

Range rover sports when apply parking brake it make big scream and parking brake light flashes. My question is how to replace or fix actuator with detail instruction. Do I have to remove the cables from actuator or has to remove the whole assembly.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.
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Richard :

Hello and welcome to

Richard :

Did you recently have any brake work done to your truck?

Customer :


Customer :

I just applied electronic emergency brake switch and it got stuck and try to move the truck but I didn't. Call range rover dealer he given instruction how to disengage it. After that whenever parking brake switch is depressed it make a big noise.

Richard :

Usually the noise and fault is due to worn/corroded parking brake shoes or they are mis adjusted. Since you did not have any recent brake work done then it is most likely not an adjustment problem. If the pakring brake is jammed there is a proceudre that needs to be done with a Rover IDS which is the diagnostic tool we use. Then once the shoes are repaired the electronic parking brake can be properly tested to see if the actuator or control module has been damaged./

Customer :

I took it to the dealer he said its actuator. I need the detail instruction how to replace the actuator.

Richard :

The shoes most likely damaged the actuator. The actuator is not that eay to replace as it is about a 3 hour job but I will upload the repair procedure.

Richard :


Customer :

Do you have the parking brake shoe replacement procedure so that I can try that to see if the parking shoes are bad or need adjustment.

Richard :

Parking Brake Shoes Bedding-in

Service Repair No - 70.40.12

NOTE: This procedure must be carried out if, new parking brake shoes are fitted, new rear brake discs are fitted or if the vehicle has been mud wading (not water) for more than 50 miles .

  1. Carry out the parking brake shoe bedding-in procedure.

  2. NOTE: The electronic parking brake 'Service Bedding-in Procedure mode' will be active for the remainder of the ignition cycle, or until the vehicle speed exceeds 31 mph (50 kph) . If the procedure needs to be re-entered, the entry actions must be repeated.

To enter 'Service Bedding-in Procedure' mode.

  • Start and run the engine.

  • Apply the Footbrake 3 times within 10 seconds and hold applied after the 3rd application.

  • Apply the electronic parking brake switch 4 times, followed by 3 release applications within 10 seconds .

  1. Once the Service Bedding-in procedure mode has been entered, the electronic parking brake linings can be bedded-in by conducting 10 repeated stops from 30 - 35 kph (19 - 22 mph), followed by a 500 metre (547 yard) interval between each stop to allow the brakes to cool, using the electronic parking brake control switch.

    • The electronic parking brake brake force will be increased up to the dynamic maximum so long as the switch is held in the applied position.

    • If the switch is released to either the NEUTRAL or OFF positions, the electronic parking brake will be released.

    • The electronic parking brake MUST be allowed to cool between applications, either by driving at 19 mph (30 kph) for 500 metres (547 yards) or remaining stationary for 1 minute between each application.

Richard :

Click the link.

Richard :


Customer :

I took out the wheels today to see if the shoes are worn out. One side shoes are completly worn. Only the h are metal shoe part is there. The other side shoes are fine. I think thats the problem. I got shoe pad from Napa and they don't have adjuster on the brake shoe. The original has extra assembly, a moveable flang for parking cable rivited to the brake shoe. Is this come with brake shoe or have to reuse the existing one.