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Customer Question

Tengo un Skoda Fabia que solamente tiene dos años y 4.000 km. Resulta que según el concesionario el motor de arranque falló y el fallo fue el dinamo que está dentro del motor de arranque. Por lo cual me han dicho que ha de cambiar el motor de arranque entero por un coste de 391 € por uno recondicionado o un nuevo por el importe de 550 €. Mi pregunta es si es verdad que el dinamo está dentro del motor de arranque y ha de cambiarlo entero.

I have a Skoda Fabia which is only 2 years old and has only 4.000 km on the clock. The car would not start and according to the Skoda dealer the dynamo in the starter motor failed and that I need to replace it with a condicioned one for 391 € or a new one for 550 €. Is it true that the dynamo is mounted inside the starter and that the whole piece needs to be changed?

What we tried:

Hemos podido arrancar el motor con cables de arranque conectando el cable directamente al motor de arranque.
We have been able to start the car by connecting the jump start cable directly to the starter.
Gracias XXXXX XXXXX atención - Thanks for your assistance.

Gracias XXXXX XXXXX atención.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  silva67 replied 7 years ago.
Ola....if you can start the car putting power right on the starter,there is nothing wrong with the starter....they need to check why you are not getting power at the starter when turning the key to the starting may be the start relay...the alarm if you have one..or the security system (immobilizer ).......good luck....i do not have a lot info. for this car...use to fix and sale them in Portugal 20 years ago........gracias....
Expert:  silva67 replied 7 years ago.
Your starter is built with body (electric coil) then a solenoid (Bendix ) that has a small gear that engages your flywheel on the engine to make it turn to start...