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How to change a 2000 mitsubishi diamante alternator

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How to change a 2000 mitsubishi diamante alternator ?

Hello Sir or Madam. Welcome to justanswer!


The alternator is mounted to the front of the engine. First take off the front right wheel and the plastic in the fender well. That will give you better access to the part. Below is a diagram of how it comes out.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Anthony, Thanks for your help but what you gave me seems to me to be bare minimum information and does not get me where I need to go. I need to know what bolts/parts need to be undone and in what order to do them. Any special tools required? How do I retension the drive belt? I expected to get more guidance than you gave for the amount I am willing to pay.

Heres the problem. Thats all there is to give you. Mitsubishi does not have a published procedure to do the job. No special tools other than a socket set. Unhook the battery first. Then undo the belt. Then unbolt the alternator. Reverse is the installation.

Edited by Anthony on 9/23/2010 at 3:58 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I take your answer to mean you have no personal experience with this problem and if thats your best answer I'm not willing to pay the fee required for my question.

I have done over a hundred of them. Print out the diagram and go over to the car and see if you can locate the bolts. The digram show which ones they are. I wish I had more pictures to aid but this is all there is. Actually the diagram is exactly what you need to get it off. If the diagram cant help then it looks like you need to have a mechanic help you out with it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Can't see all the assemblies without taking off wheel and inner fender liner. Can't do that til next week. Diagram does not show me the sequence of bolt removal nor does it show how to release or reset the tensioning device.

The tensioner is easy. Loosen the bolt at the pulley then you will see a long bolt that goes into the side of it. Loosen this bolt and it will relieve the tension on the belt. Its not real hard once you see it on the car. Theres no sequence to the bolts on the alternator, just the tensioner.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This was the desired answer to my 1st reply. Too bad we had to go round and round to get to it. No disrespect but I don't think anyone using this service would have been happy with your 1st answer which was basically "here's a picture, look at it, figure it out". Most of us need a little more guidance than that. I even told you that in my 1st response and what I got back was "Mitsubishi does not have a published procedure". I was counting on your experience to tell me what I needed to do. In the time it took to you to respond three times, you could have looked at the drawing and told me what to unbolt, in sequence, by part name or number and we would have been done. I'll accept your answer but I won't use this service again.

Dont accept it, but you have waited a total of more than three hours between replys. We could have sorted this out in minutes. I responded to you every time you did. Plus the last statement wouldn't make any sense if you hadn't seen the diagram first.

Edited by Anthony on 9/23/2010 at 6:28 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did not realize elapsed time between responses counted and I honestly don't see why it's relevent. I tried to guide you to what I needed with my 1st response to you, so if your implying I dragged this out try thinking about that. Also, I never said I was in a hurry and in fact told you I could not take the wheel off the car until next week. I also did not say the diagram was not useful, I only pointed out you could have used it to answer my question in one response without the need for me to partially disassemble the car to match it to the drawing to confirm I had the info I needed. I appreciate the fact that you responded promptly. It was the best part of your service and it's commendable. Having said that, from my perspective, fast responses lose some value if I can't get the information I'm looking for even when I try to be reasonably explicit in stating what I need.
No problem. Sorry for any misunderstandings. Have a nice day!
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