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PAVLIN, Technician
Category: Car
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v6 97 vectra and the alarm goes..parked..disconnect..clicks..randomly

Customer Question

please please HELP ME !!!!!!! i have a 2.5 v6 97 vectra and the alarm goes of while im driving or its just parked up i have been told i cannot disconnect the siren as it is part of the imoberliser but i am getting complaints of neighbours now . i have turned the ignition 2 clicks and then disconnectid within 15 seconds that seemed to work for a while but then it randomly started again. it is a standard vauxhall alarm and immob but i am scint untill pay day in 3 weeks time please can anyone help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  PAVLIN replied 7 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started

Hi, the most likely cause for this problem will be Hood latch or door switch.


what is happening is when latch is loose or misadjusted it will move as you drive. Or even if vehicle is parked vibration created from passing car or truck can do that. Find the switches(part of the latch most of the time) and just bridged the 2 wires. that will tell the alarm that switch is closed and will deactivated. isolate them one by one and you will find the problem. I am suggesting you start with hood lutch. This is not 100% guarantee of the problem, but that is what is wrong most of the time. If you scan the alarm . fault codes will tell you what is happening.

JACUSTOMER-evte58o8- :

thanks palvin i will try that and let you know

JACUSTOMER-evte58o8- :

hi it hasnt worked still goin off can you recomend any form of disconnection which will not interfear with the immoberliser am not bothered if it is not alarmed because its really stressing me out now