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2001 buick regal: slipping..oil filter (rt side..1/2

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I am working on my wifes 2001 buick regal 104000 miles she says trannie is slipping but last time I changed oil I noticed large amount of grease below oil filter (rt side on frame) by what i think is 1/2 shaft I raised car removed tires small amout of grease same location took of band pulled boot back but dont know what to look for
Hello D,

Listen, it sounds like you're describing a failed CV Boot? (c.v. = constant velocity - as in constant velocity joint. these are attached to axle, 2 per side, on most front drive/awd vehicles)

You need not open boot and look inside. If you see grease spray on oil filter area - that tells me the r/s front axle - inner cv boot is either torn or has loose clamp. If the grease is minimal and the clamp loosened up just tension it back down and happy motoring. No other worries needed.. If the boot is cracked wide open or the joint is NOISY already (around hard turns while accelerating) just install a NEW/REMANUFACTURED Axle. Not worth cleaning an old contaminated CV and installing a boot kit to have it fail/make noise in 6 mos. REMAN CV Axles are nice to work with and most carry a 6-12 mos warranty. Best of luck!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
if I purchase a cv joint aprox $70.00 does that include both joints & new boots or what do I ask for

Please go to a local Auto Parts Store - or even a CHAIN like Pep Boys / RS Strauss / -or- AutoZone. Ask for a COMPLETE CV Axle for the r/s front of your vehicle. Would you want to buy JUST a CV Joint for 50-70 bucks when the whole axle, with 2 CV Joints and less labor involved costs around 130-150 and has a warranty? It's a no brainer! :)
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