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Need to replace the clutch on my 1995 ford ranger xlt

Resolved Question:

Need to replace the clutch on my 1995 ford ranger xlt
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ted G. replied 7 years ago.
Are you looking for advice or instructions? Is it 2WD or 4WD?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Instructions and advice. 4wd
Expert:  Ted G. replied 7 years ago.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Disconnect the clutch hydraulic system master cylinder from the clutch pedal and remove.
  3. Raise the vehicle and support it safely.
  4. Remove the starter.
  5. Disconnect the hydraulic coupling at the transmission.

Clean the area around the hose and slave cylinder to prevent fluid contamination.

  1. Remove the transmission from the vehicle.
  2. Mark the assembled position of the pressure plate and cover the flywheel, to aid during re-assembly.

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 3: Loosen and remove the clutch and pressure plate bolts evenly, a little at a time ...

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 4: ... then carefully remove the pressure plate and clutch assembly from the flywheel

  1. Loosen the pressure plate and cover attaching bolts evenly until the pressure plate springs are expanded, and remove the bolts.
  2. Remove the pressure plate and cover assembly and the clutch disc from the flywheel. Remove the pilot bearing only for replacement.

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 5: Check the flywheel surface for flatness and, if necessary, remove it from the engine for truing

To install:
  1. Position the clutch disc on the flywheel so that the Clutch Alignment Shaft Tool T74P-727-K or equivalent can enter the clutch pilot bearing and align the disc.

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 6: Be sure that the flywheel surface is clean before installing the clutch

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 7: Typical clutch alignment tool, note how the splines match the transmission's input shaft

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 8: Use the clutch alignment tool to align the clutch disc during assembly.

  1. When reinstalling the original pressure plate and cover assembly, align the assembly and flywheel according to the marks made during the removal operations. Position the pressure plate and cover assembly on the flywheel, align the pressure plate and disc, and install the retaining bolts that fasten the assembly to the flywheel. Tighten the bolts to 15-25 ft. lbs. (21-35 Nm) in the proper sequence. Remove the clutch disc pilot tool.

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Fig. 9: Be sure to use a torque wrench to tighten all of the bolts

  1. Install the transmission into the vehicle.
  2. Connect the coupling by pushing the male coupling into the slave cylinder.
  3. Connect the hydraulic clutch master cylinder pushrod to the clutch pedal.
That is the procedure. If you have 4WD it is more work, but not that difficult, much easier on a lift.

What else do you need to know?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok your the third person that has made it sound so easy. When I got under the truck I noticed that the headers just under the trany. Do those need to be removed? Do any of the cross members need to be removed? Any tricks to this. I have helped with doing a clutch a couple of times in a buddies shop, but I do not have this, since I don't live by him anymore. do I need to disconnect the transfer case at the back ofthe trany?
Expert:  Ted G. replied 7 years ago.
Yes, you will probably have to remove the y-pipe, 4 bolts on the exhaust manifolds. And the cross member under the transfer case. Dropping the transfer case first is a good idea if you don't have a trans jack, it will be real heavy with both units bolted together.
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