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1990 isuzu: head belt and timing back to original setting

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I have a 1990 isuzu 2.3 truck. Changed the head gasket . I need info on setting cam belt and timing back to original setting. And info on stabbing distributor back in!!! Thanks



Align the matchmarks of the crankshaft timing pulley with that of the front oil seal retainer\




  1. Align the matchmarks of the camshaft timing pulley with that of the front plate.

Note: At this point the No.4 cylinder comes to its compression, top dead center




Lay the timing belt over the crank pulley, oil pump pulley, cam pulley, and tension pulley in the indicated order, avoiding any loosening between them




  • Loosen bolt "B" to allow the tension spring to tighten the belt.
  • Temporarily tighten bolt "B".
  • Temporarily attach the crank pulley

    1. Turn the crankshaft two revolutions in the opposite direction of normal rotation to align the crankshaft matchmarks with the crankshaft timing pulley matchmarks.
    2. Loosen bolt "B" and tighten the belt with the tension pulley.
    3. Tighten bolt "B" to the specified torque.

    Torque: 1.9 kg-m (13.7 ft.lbs)



    Turn crankshaft one more revolution and install distributor with rotor pointing to #1 cylinder on the cap.

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