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Dale Stockstill
Dale Stockstill, Automotive Diagnostic Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 1238
Experience:  40 years of Automotive Technical Knowledge, Teacher, Diagnostic Specialist
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cabriolet: 50k..pretty much rebuilt and everything set..factory spec.

Customer Question

I would prefer a mechanic that has worked on this model or similar Ferrari's to work
with me.

I recently purchased a 1983 Ferrari Mondial 3.0 QV cabriolet. The car came from the east coast and had just completed its 50k engine out of car service. This means the engine was pretty much rebuilt and everything set to factory spec. The only upgrade they did was to have the fuse box upgraded so that it takes the slotted fuses rather than the round ones.

The car was running okay until the oil line broke. I replaced the oil line and the car
was running really rough. The car never did idle very well and it ran like a pig.
I suspect the problem has nothing to do with the oil line. Anyhow I left a question yesterday and fixed part of the problem today. The problem yesterday was the car
had a very hard time starting after it was warm. I replaced the fuel injector relay
and now it starts every time, but wont stay running.

Things I tried...

replaced the fuel pump relay... no change
shorted the terminals on the fuel pump jack... pump ran
cleaned and reseated all the connectors and sensors I could find... no change

The fuel system uses parts in it that I am unfamiliar with.
I would check timing but I dont know how to do that on this car. I dont know
how the ignition system works nor do I have very good documentation so
if you need something checked your going to have to tell me where to look
for the part. This engine is not laid out like the one in my Miata.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.



My name is Dale.


I am probably as close to being a specialist for your car as you are going to find here on JustAnswers. Most of my experience is designing, racing and modifying Corvettes but I have worked on a few Ferrari's during the last 50+ years of playing with different vehicles. So I would guess that I can help you, (to a point with your drivability and other problems with the vehicle).


Do you have any pictures of the engine that you could post here for me to look at. Especially the ignition and injection system. How long since the fuel filter has been replaced? Please try to get as much identification of the engine, such as the displacement, number of cylinders and/or any other serial or model number stampings or plates that could help me do the research needed to start the diagnostic procedures.





PS- If you do not have any, please go to you loacl auto parts store and pick up a can of the Spray style of Chemtoll. graphic"NOTHING ELSE" for use as a fuel diagnostic tool.

Edited by Dale Stockstill on 8/16/2010 at 11:19 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

okay I will take pictures and upload them to you today.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

okay I will take pictures and upload them to you today.


if you go to this website he actually has the parts catalog on line to view.
copy and paste into your browser and it should take you to ythe right page.
otherwise go to and go through his menu system to get to the
mondial 3.0 qv page.
Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.

I am into the page you sent, so now what are we trying to accomplish. From what I can tell you have a drive-ability problem. So what I want you to do is pull the air cleaner hose off that feed the plenum. Spray some chemtool in the plenum after it starts and tell me if it will continue to run as long as you spray the chemtool into the plenum.


Let me know.


Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.

Viewing the pictures and parts list it does have a ecu ( Electronic Control Module) on it for the ignition.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for trying to help.

I did some more trouble shooting and got it isolated to a electronic


Please closed the question out.
Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.

What was the problem? I would like to know for the next guy that runs into this problem.




Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.

Would you be so kind as to share what you found?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The answer to the problem was buried in a wire bundle. This particular
bundle had 3 sensors in it that clocked to the flywheel. 2 of the sensors
were for timing and 1 for tach. I found a lose wire in one of the timing sensors.
This wire also fed the tach, so that's why it was down.

You would think that if you paid the $$$$ for a car that they would solder the wires
to the connector.
Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 7 years ago.

Well My Friend,


I have seen just about everything you can think of and a bunch that you cannot over the last 50 years. Especially on limited production vehicles such as yours. They seem to think it is OK to make short cuts because anyone that can afford this type of a vehicle can afford a problem or two, once in a while. I really is built in vehicle breakdown $$ generating type fabrication work.


Thanks for letting me know so I have some idea of where to look for the next poor ( I do not mean that $$ wise) guy that gets hammered with this type of a problem.


Some of the stuff I saw, even on the production line vehicles when I was an Arbitrator for Cadillac Motor Car Division & Chrysler would make you wonder how in the world they ever get it right.


PS- All and I mean ALL of my electrical connection on the cars & trucks I repaired or designed and built has their connections soldered and then covered with shrink wrap and then 3-M Quality electrical tape. But then again that is just me.


All the Best.




You can reach me in the future by going to: & then put my name "Dale" in the body of your question!

Edited by Dale Stockstill on 8/19/2010 at 5:51 PM EST