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2003 lincoln town car: the highway..rises..slowing down..compressor

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2003 lincoln town car A/C blows cool at idle on the highway yhe temp rises, after slowing down it cools back off, has new compressor, ideas?
need some more info on it, whats the a/c pressures ? on idle and higher rpms, ? sound like there is not enough freon in it or there is restriction somewhere in the system, on higher rpms high pressure is rising high because restriction and high pressure switch is killing compressor, when engine goes back to idle a/c works again
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

so could it be a plugged up drier?

I do not have the pressure as this is to be repaired by the dealer I just want more info before taking it back into them.

I have been checking into over the weekend and there is also a speed indicator device that will engage and dis engage the clutch to the compressor during acceleration to remove the load from the engine, you can really tell when it speeds up to get up to highway speed.

Also does this system have a blending valve?

without pressure gauge its hard to tell, p reassure is probably rising thats why your a/s is disengaging. it might be the dryer, it might be condenser, clogged orifice tube
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The dealer called yesterday afternoon and said that their machine had malfunctioned and did not put in the proper charge into the system, rhey said it was fixws we will find out later today. Appreciate the info

glad i could help