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2004 Nissan XTerra: 3.5 with a V-6. it gets about 15 miles per gallon

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I have a 2004 Nissan XTerra, 3.5 with a V-6. it gets about 15 miles per gallon. I'd love to get about 20 mpg. what are a couple of things I can do to improve the mpg's? I already put a K&N air filter in. I heard a mechanic say something about putting holes in the housing unit (where the filter is), as long as the holes are below the filter (I guess to let more air in). also, I heard him say something about removing the metal unit above the air filter, to allow more air in. what do you think of that idea? do you also have to remove the sensor that's right behind the screen? he said you can get about 2mpg more by doing this! this mechanic is brilliant! he seems to answer any question someone throws at him.
If you remove the sensor the engine won't run correctly as that measures the air flow into the engine and puts the right amount fuel into the engine.
I would suggest a cold air kit, headers and a cat back exhaust. Add a power chip and the combination should increase your mileage from 4 - 6 mpg if you don't take advantage of the increased power.
If you drill holes below the filter it will help a little and add a performance chip you could gain 2-3 mpg.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so, would it be safe to remove the metal covering that's in front of the sensor? how much would adding a chip, cat-back exhaust & larger headers cost? what do you mean by "increase mileage 4-6 mpg if you don't take advantage of the increased power."
I'm not quite clear on that statement!? Thanx for your help!
I would not remove the screen you wont gain anything and possibly have problems.
Cold air kit about 100.00
Headers 2-300.00
Cat back 300.00
Chip 100.00
What I meant is your will have a increase in performance and if you accelerate quickly for the sound of the exhaust and the faster performance your mileage will go down.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so, you're saying I would need 2 headers? why 2? sorry, I just want to be sure of what to do, before I spend any money doing it! so, all of that would only run me about $1000? Thanx for your help. I am serious about doing this. my X-Terra only has 32,000 miles on it.
sorry 200-300 dollars look on ebay that would be the best place to get prices, or check with a import speed shop if you have one in your town. I just pulled up those prices with a Google search.
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