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Experience:  Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering, worked 8 years as a Formula 1 engine engineer.
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2000 Nissan Altima: bump..the road, my car jerks..hood..battery cables

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I have a 2000 Nissan Altima SE. When I signifigant bump in the road, my car jerks like it wants to shut off for a split second. I checked under my hood any loose wires such as the battery cables and other wires and did this while the car was running to see if it would shut off. No luck. What else can I do?
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350Matt :


350Matt :

I think you're already looking along the right lines as this does sound like a loose / poor electrical connection, I'd check the wiring and connection to the major engine sensors so the; airflow meter on the intake pipe, the crank position sensor on the engine block, the oxygen sensors mounted on the exhaust and the throttle position sensor.

350Matt :

If all of these are OK ( unplug each in turn and check for corroded contacts and bad wiring) then also check the condition of the wiring loom where it passes under the other components and where it passes through the bulkhead.

Under the fusebox is good spot to confirm that the loom hasn't fretted / rubbed through and its earthing on the body

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