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1995 mitsubishi expo: wagon..check engine..stalled...It..oxygen

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Hi Tina,
I have a 1995 mitsubishi expo wagon that has the "check engine" light on since I purcased it in 2005. I had the transmission rebuilt in 2006 and a few minor repairs done,and it ran very good until very recently.The engine cuts off if stalled at a light and now it's begining to stop when I start it up,just any where(mostly while the a/c is on),cutting the a/c off doesn't help much anymore.It's a 4 cyl engine. Do you think it has anything to do with the oxygen censor? Please advise.How do I get that light to go out?
Hi welcome to will answer your question the best I can,

This is not true the engine light is on as you have a problem with the fuel injection system .

This is how it works and what to do .

Check engine light comes on when the engine management system has detected a problem with the emission system.(fuel injection).

When the light comes on the ECM will store a code or codes in its memory for the testing technician to retrieve and decode,with a diagnostic tool that is pluged in to the management system

After decoding he will be able to see what problems you are having with the fuel injection system.

He will retrieve codes like P0300 or P1304 (example)

Code P0300 is a random misfire, from this he will see where and what he will have to diagnose .

If you are having a misfire then driving to long like this could cause catalytic converter damage ,(Expensive repair)

If you have a simple problem like a knock sensor then you could drive around with out to much problem untill you have time to have this repaired

But for smog checks this light has to be out or it will fail the test .

Find another garage that has the ability to check , diagnose and repair this issue .

Need further assistance i would be more that happy to help .

Kind regards Greg

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