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Im getting a leak inside my car, it makes the front windscreen

Resolved Question:

I'm getting a leak inside my car, it makes the front windscreen very wet on the inside and also the floor behind the driver seat. The car is getting a very musty smell, not like exhaust. the fluid of the leak seems like water. Last night it was in a down pour and is this morning relatively okay.... I thought it would be ruined. Any ideas?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Alex replied 7 years ago.
When is it getting wet? After it rains? After you run the AC?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As i said, last night it was in heavy rain (down pour is the Australian way of saying that :) and it was quite okay this morning, however there was a small puddle behind the driver's seat.
It is winter here and i haven't been using the cooling or heating.
The reason i noticed was simply because the front windscreen was very very wet on the inside in the mornings and then the car started to have a very musty smell.
Expert:  Alex replied 7 years ago.
Ok I have seen these cars (called a Diamante in the US) have a leak around the evaporator drain tube when it rains hard. This will allow water to get into the passenger compartment. The musty smell is related to the evaporator, which is why I think the water could be coming in around the evaporator drain. I found a TSB regarding the musty smell to show how it is related to the AC evaporator:

A/C - Musty/Moldy Odors In Passenger Compartment
No.: TSB-02-55-005
DATE: July, 2002


This bulletin contains instructions for applying Mitsubishi Cooling Coil Coating to help eliminate musty odors emanating from the air conditioner evaporator coils.



The customer may complain of an unpleasant, "musty" odor in the passenger compartment when the fan blower is switched on. This condition can be related to the area where the vehicle is operated, occurring more often in humid climates.


The unpleasant "musty" odor from the air conditioner system occurs when condensation, which is a normal occurrence, forms in and around the air conditioner's evaporator coil and mixes with airborne pollutants and substances.


To eliminate these odors, treat the air conditioner evaporator/cooling coil with Mitsubishi Cooling Coil Coating. This coating will not only eliminate the odors, but will protect the evaporator coil.

On most vehicles, the coating can be applied onto the A/C evaporator coil surfaces through the interior air recirculate door. This door is usually accessible from behind the glove box.


All Mitsubishi vehicles equipped with air conditioning


IMPORTANT Follow these procedures exactly. If you do not allow enough time for drying and curing, the coating will wash away with the condensate, causing a comeback.

The complete treatment takes about 2 hours including drying and curing. Actual labor, however, is about 20 minutes.

CAUTION Safety Precautions to follow when using Mitsubishi Cooling Coil Coating
^ Keep out of reach of children.
^ Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
^ Wear skin and eye protection.
^ Avoid breathing vapors. Use a breathing protection mask (3M: 07185 is recommended).

If skin or eye contact occurs, wash skin or flush eyes with generous amounts of water.

1. Check the evaporator for airflow clogging or blockage by leaves or other foreign materials and remove the blockage before proceeding.
NOTE :If the buildup of the materials causing the clogging or blockage is excessive, replace the evaporator assembly

2. Drop or remove the glove box to gain access to the fan and duct assembly. On 1999-2003 Galants and 2000-2003 Eclipse with the A/C, heater, ventilation system filter, remove the filter element.
NOTE :The HVAC filter which must be removed was original equipment on 1999-2000 Galant and 2000 Eclipse. Be sure to check later models, also. This filter was a dealer installed option for 2001-03 Galant and Eclipse.
3. Set the A/C heater controls as follows:
^ Temperature control on HOT.
^ Fan on HI position
^ Air mode to RECIRC
^ Vent position to BI-LEVEL

4. Open all windows about 1/2 inch
5. Disconnect the air conditioner clutch electrical connection by removing the receiver/drier pressure switch connector or by disconnecting the clutch connector at the compressor.
6. Place a protective cloth on the interior front carpet under the evaporator housing and duct. Start the engine, letting it run at idle. As the engine idles with the heater controls set as instructed, hot air recirculates over the evaporator raising the temperature of the evaporator, causing moisture to evaporate faster. The open windows allow the moisture to escape without losing much heat. You may see "fog" clouding the windows. After the fog disappears continue the operation for another 5 minutes. If the fog does not appear, continue with engine idling and the heater controls set for another 30 minutes.

7. Shake the bottle of Mitsubishi Cooling Coil Coating well, then attach it to the assembled applicator kit as shown in the illustration.

8. Close the passenger side air vents. Open the passenger side door. Be sure you are wearing safety goggles, a face mask (3M: 07185 is recommended), and gloves.
9. With the engine still idling, tan on HI speed, and the mode on recirculate, insert the applicator nozzle in through the recirculate door opening (or on late model Galant and Eclipse with HVAC filter, through the filter opening). Spray the coating product in short bursts, with a few seconds between each burst.
NOTE :This procedure wets the entire air entry passage and may create a fog from the air outlet vents which will enter the passenger compartment. This will NOT stain or harm the vehicle's interior.

Be sure to use to use goggles and breathing protection (3M: 07185). DO NOT inhale vapors.

10. When the coating product bottle is empty, shut oft the vehicle's ignition switch. Let the vehicle sit for 30 minutes. This allows the liquid to flow over the evaporator coil fins and case assembly, covering most of the contaminated area.
11. After 30 minutes, again with the mode set to recirculate, fan on HI, and temperature control to maximum heat, start the engine and let it run at idle speed for 30 minutes. Make sure the windows are open. This will dry and cure the Mitsubishi Cooling Coil Coating onto the evaporator coil.
12. Reinstall the glove box (and HVAC filter if applicable).
13. Reconnect the A/C clutch electrical connection (the receiver/drier pressure switch connector or the clutch connector).


Use the genuine Mitsubishi Parts listed.

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Expert:  Alex replied 7 years ago.
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