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Roadside Jerry
Roadside Jerry, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  Auto Mehanic 39 years,30 with the NYPD Fleet Service Division
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2004 Buick Rendezvous. Ignition key will not turn. I have

Customer Question

2004 Buick Rendezvous. Ignition key will not turn.
I have been having the problem for the last month or so. But, jiggling (jerking actually) the steering wheel and transmission handle eventually frees it. This time nothing works. I blew some graphite into the key slot and worked the key in and out, etc. - no luck. Does any one have an idea of how to get it to free up. I already had an appointment to have the dealer change it out (or something), but I really want to avoid having to have a tow job to get it there.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Roadside Jerry replied 7 years ago.
Hi, you best bet to get it to turn would be to try the spare key,it may not be as worn as the one you are using,or got to an automotive locksmith. They can make you a new key,they will cut the key by the numbers they get from you old one, not by just cutting against old one. This will in most cases get the lock to turn.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I guess I neglected to mention that I have tried the spare key, with the same results.
Expert:  Roadside Jerry replied 7 years ago.
If, the spare key didnt work, you can try having the new key made.If it still wont turn then your lock cylinder is worn. You may be able to get a mobile locksmith to replace the cylinder at the cars location and avoid having it towed to the shop.

Edited by Roadside Jerry on 7/18/2010 at 11:48 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Again, I had talked to three locksmiths before my post. I was told that the tumbler can not be replaced as long as it is in the locked position. They said the only thing they knew to do was to keep jiggling, etc. etc. until it unlocks. Getting a new key made runs about $85, and the odds of it working are not high. Since the tumbler has to be replaced any way, that does not seem to be a good bet.

I appreciate you suggestions, but I finally called the wrecker.

Expert:  Roadside Jerry replied 7 years ago.
Well, that not true since the dealer is going to have to replace the lock without it turning. The cylinder will have to be drilled out, then the remains extracted and the new one installed.Guess they didn't want to do it outside. Good luck, regards,Jerry.