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2004 lincoln aviator: suv..driven......the mechanics......any

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i have a 2004 lincoln aviator suv that seems to drain the battery....i can't even leave it for a week not driven and the battery is dead...the battery has been replaced once and this still happens....the mechanics can't seem to find the problem as to what is draining the battery all the time....any suggestions short of trading it in "lol"

You have something that is causing a parasitic drain on the battery. Usually it is something like a radio or one of the computers. When the car is turned off the computers are supposed to go into sleep mode, often they stay awake and when they do they drain power. It is not easy to find these issues but, a good electrical mechanic should be able to. Tell whomever you take it to to run a parasitic drain test. you don't happen to leave a cell phone or other type of charger/power cord plugged in do you? I have seen these malfunction and cause a drain as well.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Andrew,


my suv has a garage door opener that one could program to open the garage door and this was done.....could that be draining the battery?


Thanks Betty

It is possible that it could yes, any electronic device could do it.

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