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my car is blowing white smoke out the tailpipe i just put a

Resolved Question:

my car is blowing white smoke out the tailpipe i just put a oilpump and timing belt on it and now this was it something i did while putting the oilpump and belt in the car its an audi a4 1.8 turbo
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  PhilJ replied 7 years ago.
You may have either filled up the engine with too much oil or your turbo charger may have failed. Start by checking oil level. If all is good then it's definatly a bad turbo. How often do you change your oil?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i havent changed it but once i bought the car realized it had a bad oilpump changed it and figured i would change the timingbelt while it was all tore apart anyway i drove the car for 2 days and today at the gas station it started smoking badddd
Expert:  PhilJ replied 7 years ago.
Why do you think the oil pump is bad? Was the oil light on? Look under the oil cap inside of the engine if there is gunky residue then you may have oil pan seal and pressure issues that caused turbo failure
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the oil light was on and i could just tell the oil pressure was low but anyway it was the strainer on the end of the pickup (gunk) any way after i put the oilpump and new pickup tube on it oil light went off and got my oil pressure back like i said i drove it for 2 days and now its blowing white smoke why would i blow whitesmoke with a turbo wouldnt it be blue or black smoke why white i think its a head gasket just dont know is there anyway i c an diagnose for sure what it is just not sure what to do
Expert:  PhilJ replied 7 years ago.
Do a compression test of the cylinders first off make sure they are relatively even. There is a cracked block tester you can purchase that checks for leaks of that nature. But u stated that the oil pump pickup was clogged with debris and usually if an engine is kept well that will not happen. An engine that has been lacking in oil changes will create sludge and sludge starves the main bearings and sensitive seals like your internal turbo seal of oil. By changing the oil pump and cleaning out your pickup u cause more pressure that those sensitive seals cannot handle any more. Also you would usual have a pretty big misfire when a headgasket goes bad and smokes badly. The turbo charger is the weakest link in this vehicle.
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