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I recently bought a to get a new and used engine put in

Resolved Question:

I recently bought a car that was in the shop for repairs. The car belong to my friend. He took it to the shop to get a new and used engine put in. Finally when it got done, my friend didn't had enough money to pay for the service, so he decided to sell the car to me. I bought the car and paid for the parts and labor in full. I had ask the person who was working on the car questions about the repaired they had did. They gave me a very good explanation that the car is like new. No problems should you have. Well anyways, after a few days I started having problems after problems and spending more cash. Finally one day, it just shut down on me. Then I went back to the shop and explain to them about my car. They didn't want to do anything about it. As days went by, I decided to have my friend work on it and is a very good mechanic. The first problem was the car keep overheating. He thought it was the thermostat. So he change it. Came to find out. It wasn't. Problems still the same. So we change the radiator. Came to find out that it wasn't the problem. Did some more repairs the engine, still the same. One day my friend ask me if he got the receipt for the engine that they said they had put in. He looked at it and said something aint right. All the parts that I bought was from the shop that did the repair. So basically, It sounds like and looks like the didnt do the repairs they suppose to do. They end up selling me the engine twice. What can I do or should do in this matter?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
hi, the problem is that you not only didnt get a receipt,but you bought the car after the job was done and the car was still registered under your friends name whom authorized to have it fixed in the first place and you say you spent money in the first place ,you said that you where having problems after problems a few days later ,that is when you should have contacted them ,(if it was related to anything they had done to the car)your friend should have gotten a receipt ,so this is a sticky situation,by honor they should have done something for you but instead they sold you the parts to fix it yourself ,I would think that you could try to take them to small claims court and at least try to recupe some of the money you spent but it would be up to the judge to deside ,I would not go back to the shop anymore they sound like a shop I would not do any business with ....guy...
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